Case Studies CHCH Auditorium

As a consequence of the February earthquake, the walls and floor of the 14 sided auditorium were displaced horizontally and vertically and in particular the perimeter structure being a 100mm higher on one side than the other.

  • ArchitectWarren & Mahoney
  • Main ContractorHawkins Construction
  • ClientChristchurch City Council
  • Star rating5
  • Cold Form Steel9,000 lm
Town Hall Framing

The challenge was to rebuild the stage, the entire floor and all of the tiered seating within this now asymmetrical shape. The original solution was to manufacture bespoke timber framing and flooring onsite incorporating large timber elements to withstand significant point loads. This would have been a costly and time consuming methodology.

We were engaged to do a full survey of this 14 sided void. This data was imported into our BIM modelling software and the stage, floor and tiered seating were all designed specifically to match the varying heights of the new stepped slab and the variable X/Y dimensions. With the BIM modelling we were able to make the final state geometrically perfect to compensate for the physical vagaries of the onsite structure.

This saved the main contractor in excess of 25% of their original cost to complete the works with conventional construction methods. Furthermore, the floor and seating structure made from cold form steel came with a 50-year warranty, which is unmatched by any other building material.

Town Hall Exposed Flooring

Those detailed designs were electronically communicated to the cold form steel framing machine, which made all the individual floor cassettes and framing sections. These were delivered to site preassembled and fit perfectly.

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